10 Closing Statements to Use After an Interview

10 Closing Statements to Use After an Interview

Closing a job interview efficiently is vital in increasing your chances of receiving an offer. The statement you make can address the final concerns that an employer may have about your candidacy. An effective closing statement might separate you from another candidate if they have similar work experience to you.

In this article, we discuss what a closing statement is, explain why they’re important, provide a list of 10 important closing statements to make during an interview and share tips for how to leave a good impression.

What are closing statements?

A closing statement summarizes why you’re the right candidate for the position that you’re interviewing for. The statement highlights how your skills and work experience can benefit the company. For instance, if you’re interviewing for a marketing coordinator position, your closing statement can detail how the development of promotional materials increased production by 20%.

Why are closing statements important?

Expresses your interest in working for the company: The closing statement reveals your enthusiasm for the position????. Discuss a few key reasons why this position is the right fit for you and the company.

Underscores your skills and qualifications: A closing statement indicates how well you sell yourself to an employer. Give two or three examples of how well your skills and experiences can help the company succeed if they decide to hire you. (more…)