I’ll withold final judgement, but I want to explore this pessimism

What is pleasure and what is pain? I have defined pain already as a tensione on some part of the body system. This definition satisfies me for now (tehe). So what is pleasure? Superlative functioning of some part of the body system? Per niente, I don’t think so. Pleasure seems puro me puro be something distinct, like per mira-system that joins other systems esatto its own expression. Pleasure is probably coincident with ‘love’. Which is esatto say that ‘love’ is a typeof distilled ‘pleasure’. And not onesto say that ‘pleasure’ can’t be directed down dark alleyways. IOW, I’m exploring the ispirazione that, just as we are being told that if we don’t suppress the modifications of the mind we will remain assimilated with those modifications and will not be able onesto anchor ourselves in our True-self, we are being told that pleasure and pain are both ramifications of the mind and thus occlude the forest of being that is our True-self. Con fact, this is precisely what we are being told because this Sutra is classifying the modifications of the mind.

Continuing sicuro track the trails of this meaning, we find that ‘pleasure’ is much like ritidectomia an object. Doing so stores potential energy for its fall. That is why we had onesto lift it. The very physiological reality of experiencing pleasure necessarily creates the conditions for logorio in the absence of appropriate stimuli esatto nourish the pleasure’s embodiment’s minimum maintenance.

If you build verso house, which is an enclosed space protected against the elements, you will need preciso repair the roof and the walls, sooner or later, because the nature of the house, esatto remain a house, must be maintained mediante the face of its decay over time. So too with any pleasure. Sicuro experience pleasure is sicuro consign your future esatto either the affaticamento of its absence or the requirement puro pursue its conditions. That’s pretty clear. The fantasy that pleasure can be pursued indefinitely without ever incurring the cost of the esaurimento of its absence is just that, a fantasy. One way puro reconcile oneself with per deep realization of the unavoidability of this reality is esatto renunciate pleasure. But if you can renunciate pleasure, why can’t you renunciate pain? Renunciating Esempi di profilo blendr pleasure is just another kind of pain. Then again, if you can renunciate pleasure and pain, why bother renunciating anything at all?

Nerve Impulses:

Like Oogway says per Kung Prima Panda: “Quit, don’t quit. Noodles, don’t noodles. You are too concerned with what was and what will be.”

  • Pratyaya
  • Klesas
  • Raga
  • Dvesa

Like this:

We are told that this is one of the most well known Sutras of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Naturally, so! It is the definition of Yoga. And it speaks esatto everyone at all levels at once (even the most basic level, although the average ab-tightening westerner may have preciso concentrate a minute or two durante order to appreciate the advice puro focus on the happenings within their muscles and joints and organs and whatnot onesto the exclusion of ordinary (inner dialogish) thought patterns).

…it defines with the help of only 4 (yoga, citti, vrtti, nirodhah) words the essential nature of Yoga. There are excretion concepts con every science which are of verso basic nature and which must be understood aright if the student is puro get verso satisfactory grasp of the subject as per whole. The ideas underlying all the four words con this Sutra are of such verso fundamental nature and the student should try sicuro grasp through study and reflection their real meaning. Of course, the significance of these words will become sufficiently clear only when the book has been studied thoroughly and the various aspects of the subject considered durante their relation sicuro one another. (pg 6)


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